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2016 / 2017 Summer Competition Results

Thank you to our Summer Organiser, Michael Grogan, for compiling each week's results.


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1. 9th September, 2017 Week A Grading
2.  16th September, 2017 Week B Grading
3.  23th September, 2017 Week A
4. 30th September, 2017 Week B
5.  7th October, 2017 Week A
6.  14th October, 2017 Week B
7.  21st October, 2017 Week A
8. 28th October, 2017 Week B
9. 4th November, 2017 Week A
10. 11th November, 2017 Week B
11. 18th November, 2017 Week A
12. State Relays 25th & 26th November, 2017
13. 2nd December, 2017 Week B
14. 9th December, 2017 Week A
15. 16th December, 2017 Week B
16. 13th January, 2018 Cross Country at Girraween
17. 20th January, 2018 Week A
18. 27th January, 2018 Week B
19. 3rd February, 2018 Week A
20. 10th February, 2018 Week B
21. 17th February, 2018 Modified Events
22. 24th February, 2018 Week A
23. 3nd March, 2018 Week B
24. 10th March, 2018 Modified




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Points are awarded for an athlete’s performance each week leading to awards at the end of the season. The point scoring system is as follows: - 1 point for competing, 1.5 points for equalling a personal best and 2 points for achieving a personal best. The four best events each week are counted for each competitor and the points accumulated over the season. At the end of the season, the four lowest scoring weeks are subtracted from the total. This system, which has been used for many years, is fair in that it allows for enthusiastic competition in both the track and field events we conduct throughout the season.

Wet Weather & Extreme Heat Policies

In the event of wet weather, we will make every effort to continue the normal program if the condition of the grounds permit, unless the conditions become extreme (e.g. lightning). If in doubt, please visit our web site for up to date information.

Our Extreme Heat Policy is, “When the temperature at 2.00pm, or any time throughout competition, is equal to or in excess of 40 degrees Celsius, all events will be cancelled.”These policies are for the safety and well being of our members and visiting athletes.

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