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Fire Hose Reel Service

Our fire hose reel service will help to ensure that your hose will function properly when needed and help save both property and lives. Fire hoses are installed mostly in larger commercial buildings and are designed to provide a continuous stream of water to fight large, potentially life threatening fires. Their long hose and powerful jet of highly pressurised water allows individuals to fight fires from a relatively safe distance.

Fire hose reels require a 6 monthly test and an annual test. Along with providing fire extinguisher test and tag, Fairdeal Fire Protection can supply, install, service, maintain and repair all fire hose reels at your site. We use only licensed plumbers for all new installations. Where prior or on the site approval for repairs is not available, we can provide a complete portables asset list after each test which will show what repairs are required along with a quote.

Fire Hose Reel

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